Aloïs Benoit Design


Aloïs Benoit

Who I Am

31 year old French product designer.


After my childhood in the south of France and obtaining a scientific "baccalauréat", I decided to change my orientation by integrating a design school in Orléans where I graduated with my Masters in Product Design in 2012. After a collaboration with Salviati (Venetian glass masters) I moved to Hamburg in May 2013 to kick start Landor Hamburg's in-house "3D Design" offer.

I do believe that a clever design is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration combined with a strong creative process. To me, functionality and aesthetics must be combined to create an enjoyable, innovative and rewarding experience.

Above all, I love to see a project become reality. Following it from the first idea to the final product, through sketches, modeling, prototyping and testing. This process takes place mixing several experiences, influences, inspirations, cultures and ideas from different people.


- Russian Copper Company (Landor Associates Hamburg)
- Procter & Gamble (Landor Associates Hamburg)
- VIV, petrol station (Landor Associates Shanghai)
- SAB Miller (Landor Associates Hamburg)
- Rychal Su (Landor Associates Hamburg)
- Rotkäppchen (Landor Associates Hamburg)
- Salviati
- Zlatan Sport Paris
- IUT Nîmes (Institute of technology - Poly)
- Association Ripost'e
- Bénéteau
- Becker Brakel
- Créa-Campus édition 2011

When someone is using one of the product I worked on without thinking about the design behind, I know we succeed in creating a good project."